Meet James - The Custodian of Culture & Chief Idea Officer of one of the fastest-growing private companies in Canada.

With humble beginnings In 2009, James acquired Fiasco in the midst of a recession with only $1800 in his pocket. James’ disruptive vision for doing business differently, honesty in craft, & creative innovation of the Consumer packaged goods space, has charted a course for Fiasco's business model & led to its success.

Being a serial entrepreneur, his work ethic was forged shovelling walks to help pay the rent at the age of 8, then bagging groceries on his 14th birthday for $5/hr. After a few other endeavours that always had the intention of helping others, James landed on his feet with Fiasco, & drew on his prior knowledge of building brands like Kicking Horse Coffee, to help draw the blueprint. Taking that knowledge & infusing it with lessons in leadership ranging from Nelson Mandela to Howard Schultz, his creative & innovative approach to vision & people has led to building something that matters. 

A man of passion & enthusiasm, James leaves it better than he found it.  Bringing his dream of a “not-only-for-profit” business that not only sells great products but helps make the world a better place is now a reality.


What sets Fiasco apart? There are a million and one things that set Fiasco apart, but one of the biggest ones for me is the scope & criteria of our decision making process. At Fiasco, it isn’t only about dollars and cents or the bottom line. Sure we have to be financially responsible, but only so we can continue to do what we do. What really matters is the impact we can have with our decisions - both internally and externally in our communities. When we look back to our core values, that’s what actually drives our decision making. I think so few companies truly live their values the way Fiasco does and that’s something that really sets us apart. If it’s a question or opportunity that is aligned with what we care about, then we will find a way to yes.


Why Fiasco? I worked at the University of Calgary while earning my CA, CPA before deciding that I wanted the opportunity to make a difference for a unique and innovative company. I feel like the expertise I bring to the table at Fiasco has a large impact on the day-to-day and long term strategy, in comparison to making a small impact at a large institution.”



When great companies get their start there are a few individuals that can see the true potential. Brittany is one of the few. Her experience with Fiasco from the early days of Kensington, right through both fires, every growing pain, and the invention of almost every position means that very few hold the knowledge, experience and grit that she does.

Now as the guardian of brand connection, Britt is a integral part of the fabric of the company and the definition of what it takes to be successful at Fiasco.